Octavia Clone

Image of Octavia Clone


For sale is a Sunset Effects Octavia, true to the original circuit (audio transformer and all!) This pedal features GOLD stomp switches, and with the gold Marshall knobs, this thing is clean!

Except when switched on! This is a bruising fuzz, with a second footswitch to engage/disengage the Octave effect. Get your Hendrix and Gary Clark Jr tones with ease! Stacks well with fuzz faces as well!

Sunset Effects pedals are handmade in Jacksonville, Florida with the best components available. Each pedal is powered via a 2.1mm center-negative 9v (boss-style) adapter ONLY. Sunset Effects offer a limited Lifetime warranty against defects (basically anything other than abuse that causes broken switches, jacks, pots, or knobs).

Thanks for looking!

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