Supro-Style Drive (9/18V)

Image of Supro-Style Drive (9/18V)


Supro-style overdrive by Sunset Effects. This pedal is loosely based on the RunoffGroove "Supreaux Deux" pedal, the same schematic used to develop the JHS Superbolt.

This pedal can be used at 9v, or powered by 18v for more headroom and better pick attack and feel. 9v gets saggy, old school distortion tones when cranked. 18v is a little tighter and has better sustain when cranked. Also sounds great when running a fuzz into it!

Sunset Effects pedals are handmade in Jacksonville, Florida with the best components available. Each pedal is powered via a 2.1mm center-negative 9v (boss-style) adapter ONLY. Sunset Effects offer a limited Lifetime warranty against defects (basically anything other than abuse that causes broken switches, jacks, pots, or knobs).

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