"Violet" Apollo Deluxe Fuzz


This is the "Violet" Version of the Apollo Deluxe. The "Ram's Head" muff is hailed as one of the best sounding fuzzes ever made. The higher gain "Violet Ram's Head" is even more loved by the fuzz world, from J. mascis of Dinosaur Jr. to David Gilmour on the Wall! This is my version of that hallowed circuit!

All versions of the Apollo have 4 controls: Volume, Fuzz, Tone, and the ever-important Mids control. Apollos also have a Clipping switch to go between stock Silicon or louder, grittier LEDs.

All Sunset Effects are powered by 9vDC 2.1mm center-negative (boss style) power adapter. Due to space and environmental awareness, Sunset Effects do not support the use of batteries.

Thanks to Jack Fossett for the killer Demo!