About Me

Thanks for visiting Sunset Effects!

My Name is Cody Nobles, and I'm the owner/founder/builder/etc. of Sunset Effects.

Growing up in Atlanta, GA, I luckily had fantastic influences in my parents, learning about rock and roll and blues through my parents at a very young age. Whether it was Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Ted Nugent, we always had great music playing.

I picked up guitar somewhere near middle school, but never really took it seriously until I moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2007. I hadn't met many people, which gave me time to enjoy playing more. I learned about effects pedals and was hooked, and had to know what my idols like Gilmour and Page were using.

I work in low voltage communications, so with the wiring background, I decided I would try my hand at building my own pedal. I started small, with a simple fuzzface circuit. Things have progressed, I made a few sales, and now I've decided to make my pedals available to the public.

I throughly enjoy making each pedal to high standards and quality. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing someone say that a product you made yourself inspired them to play music. This is what I strive for in every Sunset Effects pedal.