"Green" Apollo Deluxe Fuzz

Image of "Green" Apollo Deluxe Fuzz


This is the "Green" Apollo Deluxe. The "Green Russian" muff has gained tons of notoriety for being a great pedal for guitar players and bassists alike. Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys pushed the hype even further by getting some killer tones out of his. This is my version, packed with tons of gain and low end, ready to make your life as fuzzy as you can stand!

All Sunset Effects are true bypass, operate on 9v center-negative (Boss Style) 2.1mm power supplies, and are Handmade with the best parts available in Jacksonville, Florida!

Demos: (Old enclosures, same Circuits!


(Big Thanks to Jack Fossett and Pedal of the Day for the Demos, updated ones with all versions coming soon!)

Coming Soon