Atmosphere Delay

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Sunset Effects "Atmosphere" Delay. This delay is based off the well known PT2399 chip, except this one has TWO! This stretches the delay time out to approx 1 full second.

There is also a second footswitch, which toggle between the FDBK1 and FDBK2 knobs. For example, FDBK1 is set to 5 or 6 repeats, and FDBK 2 is cranked for self oscillation. Use FDBK1 for your solo, then hit the FDBK footswitch to go into oscillation for a bridge or ambient passage, then click back to fdbk 1 for your next lead! Very cool feature for intros/outros, etc!

Time - Slapback to 1 full second of delay
FDBK1/2 - Number of repeats from 1 to self-oscillation
Mix - Amount of delay signal mixed with guitar signal

Sunset Effects pedals are handmade in Jacksonville, Florida with the best components available. Each pedal is powered via a 2.1mm center-negative 9v (boss-style) adapter ONLY. Sunset Effects offer a limited Lifetime warranty against defects (basically anything other than abuse that causes broken switches, jacks, pots, or knobs).Thanks for looking!

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