“Sunset Effects Green Apollo Deluxe is one of the best fuzz pedals I have ever played. Works great with my single coil Fender Strat through my Carvin Vintage 16 amp. It has a wide variety of tones, from stock Green Russian Muff-type tones and more. The clipping switch and mid knob allow the user to access many tones that other fuzz pedals cannot. Plenty of gain is on tap and at lower gain levels, an overdrive tone can be achieved. It is great for doom metal and other music using fuzz tones, like Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. The pedal is well made and quiet, even with the gain at maximum. Cody is the owner of this company as well as the pedal builder. He is a very nice fellow and is quick to respond to questions...very easygoing and even worked with me on a Civil War version of this same pedal. I highly recommend this pedal and company. I have been playing rock, metal, country, and pop for over thirty years. This is the first of three pedals I have purchased from Sunset Effects and I am well pleased and satisfied.

- David Owens

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